Is a Career in the Car Industry for You?

When it comes to the automotive industry, there are certainly a wide range of jobs available to be had. These jobs appeal to people of many different interests, so you should be able to find something suitable you like (if you’re interested). In this field, with the right training, you can advance to higher positions relatively easily. Here is a look at different career opportunities that await in the automotive industry.

Automotive technician: These technicians are responsible for performing various tasks such as changing oil, replacing air filters, and balancing wheels. There are also plenty of other maintenance tasks technicians have to perform such as changing brake pads and doing tune-ups.

If you’re looking to join the automotive industry, you could also become a car mechanic, which is a level or two up on the ladder from the technician. Many people confuse mechanics with automotive technicians. Mechanics are responsible for performing many of the same tasks as technicians. However, mechanics also perform more difficult tasks than a technician. These tasks include things such as replacing engines, alternators, or fixing suspension and electrical problems. In order to become a mechanic, you will also need more education and experience.

Becoming a diesel mechanic is also an great option in automotive industry. These guys are responsible for repairing and servicing diesel engines. Although this includes a few passenger vehicles, you would likely have most of your focus on buses and trucks. This corresponds to a hefty increase in wages. The average yearly salary of a diesel mechanic is $50,000.

If you enjoy communicating with people rather, becoming a car salesperson may be the perfect career with you. You would spend the majority if your day trying to sell cars to people who visited the car lot. Your salary would be based on the amount of commissions you earn. You can also work your way up the ladder into a management position as you gain experience. In the current economy this job isn’t as lucrative as before, but top salespeople in relatively wealthy areas still make an attractive living ($75,000+ per year)

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