Hyundai’s new Verna in India

The new Fluidic Verna pioneers a host of premium and futuristic design elements based on the Fluidic Sculpture Design Philosophy. The car’s futuristic design sports a coupe like side profile which is further refined by elegant and continuous character lines. On the front, the Fluidic Verna displays the next generation hexagonal grille, eagle eye headlamps with wide air dam and distinctive ‘L’ shaped fog lamps that enhances the overall look of the car.

The car boasts of features which are specially developed for India. The interiors have luxurious elements and textures including two-tone beige and black high gloss interiors with wood finish. One of the unique features of the Fluidic Verna is the cluster ionizer which improves the quality of air inside the cabin by producing ion-plasma that traps bacteria and other impurities and comes into operation automatically as the AC is switched on. The rear end of the car is fitted with dual chrome tipped exhaust which adds on to the sporty feel. The car also comes with the convenience of an audio hand remote that allows quick surfing though the options.

In the new Fluidic Verna customers will enjoy unmatched audio experience. The car is loaded with fabulous infotainment system which supports Bluetooth connectivity and comes with features like Radio/CD/MP3/USB/Aux-in/i-Pod connectivity for unlimited music access. To make driving pleasurable in summers it has a Fully Automatic Temperature Control (FATC) system with a cooled glove-box.

Wow a cooled glove box?  Perfect for beer, keeping the kids juice cold!